Skyflow is

Managing environments has never been easier

Skyflow is a free and open-source environment manager for developers.
Its aim is to simplify the life of developers. It provides a Docker manager for all your environments, with pre-configured packages, docker-compose management and commands to run and stop your containers. You will no longer search for docker-compose templates on the internet, you will directly add the technologies you need in one command, answer configuration questions and start working on your projects.

Multiple containers

Skyflow commands

Collaborative work with Skyflow command line

Skyflow command line is the key tool for managing your development environments

  • Environment setup 100% automatic
  • Configuration files highly customizable
  • Simple installation of your framework, your CMS and your assets
  • Simple and thoughtful commands
  • Configuration files versioning and designed for collaborative work
  • Supports many technologies

Get Started

Build development environments easily

From the compose builder, create and configure your development environment.
For example you can setup a Symfony container with a Postgres database, access it threw Adminer, perform indexing into an Elasticsearch cluster and read this index with Kibana.

Build your own

Build environment
Get package

Development environment for your favourite technology

From the package builder, get and configure your development environment with pre-configured compose setup for your favourite applications, like Symfony.
For example our Symfony package provides a Postgres database, a Composer container and a web server designed for a Symfony application. All you need now is to focus on your development, not your environment.

Get your own