Composes - Contribution

Skyflow composes is an open source. Anyone can contribute. To explain how to contribute, we will recreate the apache compose for example.

1 - Fork project

The first step is to get the project from Github.

2 - Let's create our folder and files

So to start we need to create src/apache. And in this folder we will create compose configuration file and docker compose dist file. These two files are required to create a compose.

Apache configuration file


This compose configuration file defines information about your new apache compose.

Apache docker compose dist file


This file defines docker container information.
See compose file reference for more details.

4 - Let's add compose logo (optional)

To add a logo, we need to add an png image in public/images directory. Name of image must be compose slug, here apache.png. The image must have a maximum size of 100x100

5 - Commit Message Guidelines

Commit message must be formatted. We follow Angular Commit Message Guidelines

Compose configuration file

The compose configuration file contains all the information about your compose.

Basic tags description

  • name (required) : Compose label
  • description (required) : Compose description
  • (required) : Author name
  • (optional) : Author email
  • (optional) : Author web site
  • author.github (optional) : Author github or compose github
  • slug (required) : Compose name (will use for link, search, ...)
  • variables (optional) : Compose variables. Must define in docker compose dist file.

Update custom files

When you use skyflow update command, only docker-compose.dist file will be updated.

Set custom events

When you use skyflow add or skyflow update commands, you can define before and after events. See assets.config.json .

  • events.[before_add|after_add|before_update|after_update].rm (optional) : Remove files from the current docker compose directory
  • events.[before_add|after_add|before_update|after_update].mkdir (optional) : Create directory in current docker compose directory
  • events.[before_add|after_add|before_update|after_update].cp (optional) : Copy files from current docker compose directory to the project directory
  • events.[before_add|after_add|before_update|after_update].cache_cp (optional) : Copy files from cache to the project directory
  • events.[before_add|after_add|before_update|after_update].exec (optional) : Exec command from the current project directory

Docker compose dist file

When a team works on a project, the environments can vary from one person to another (different ports, different volumes, ...). With docker-compose.dist file, you can versify the same docker configuration. The creation of a docker-compose.dist file is substantially identical to the creation of a docker-compose.yml.

See compose file reference for more details.

Use src/kibana/docker-compose.dist file to create your own.