Command Line - Get Started

Skyflow Command Line is an environment manager for your projects.

It provides a Docker manager for all your environments, with pre-configured packages, docker-compose management and commands to run and stop your containers. You will no longer search for docker-compose templates on the internet, you will directly add the technologies you need in one command, answer configuration questions and start working on your projects.


Skyflow is a Docker based project. Its use requires the installation of Docker. Skyflow Command Line is created with the Nodejs language. To use this command line without docker, you will need to install Nodejs. Node.js version 6.0.0 or higher is required. Version 8.0.0 or higher is recommended.

How to use Skyflow

There are two ways to use Skyflow. You can use the command line or the web application. The choice of each method depends on your need.

If you need to versify or perform complex actions on your environment, it is recommended to use the command line. If you think your environment will not change throughout your project, it is best to use the composes or packages via the web application.

With docker

With Command Line

The Skyflow command line is a nodejs application. So its use requires nodejs.

Node.js version 6.0.0 or higher is required. Version 8.0.0 or higher is recommended.

The command line can be installed with npm or yarn

You can check the installed version with

The latest version and history of previous versions can be checked here.

With Web application

With the web application, you can build your environment and download the sources. To do this, you can use composes or packages.

Next steps

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Documentation and help

Documentation is an important guide. That is why we have a particular intention for this documentation.

The complete details of each command are available here.

You can consult the list of composes here and the list of packages here.

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