Composes - Get Started

In a project, several tools are needed. A database to store the data, an email server to test the sending of e-mails or a web server. Skyflow allows you to build your environment via composes.


Skyflow is a Docker based project. Its use requires the installation of Docker.

How compose works

A compose is based on a docker container. It is a part of the structure of a project environment. In a docker-composes.yml file, this corresponds to a service.
Let’s analyze the file below

In this file, there are three services: postgres, symfony and composer. Each service corresponds to a compose.

Next steps

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Documentation and help

Documentation is an important guide. That is why we have a particular intention for this documentation.

The complete details of each compose are available here.

You can consult the list of composes here and the list of packages here.

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